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Ast 622: The Interstellar Medium
Class calendar


Date Topic PS Reading Notes
Jan 14 Introduction
Jan 16 no class - JPW away
Jan 21 Fundamentals
Jan 23 Discussion
Jan 28 Dust
Jan 30 Discussion
Feb 4 Ionized regions
Feb 6 Discussion
Feb 11 Ionized regions
Feb 13 no class - JPW away
Feb 14 Atomic regions 5
Feb 16 Atomic regions The HI Distribution of the Milky Way
Kalberla & Kerp 2009, Annual Reviews
Mainzer colloquium
Feb 21 no class Cenko colloquium
JPW in ESO Garching
Feb 23 no class Dodson-Robinson colloquium
JPW in ESO Garching
Feb 28 Heating and Cooling 6 Boylan-Kolchin colloquium
Mar 1 Heating and Cooling Stark colloquium
Mar 6 Heating and Cooling 7 X-ray Absorption Lines Probe the Missing Half of the Cosmic Baryon Population
Schwarzschild 2005, Physics Today
Mar 8 Molecules Batygin colloquium
Mar 13 Molecules 8
Mar 15 Molecules The Milky Way in Molecular Clouds
Dame, Hartmann, & Thaddeus 2001, ApJ, 547, 792
Mar 20 guest lecture -- Dave Sanders Evolution of Star Formation and Gas
Scoville Canary Islands lecture
JPW in Grenoble
Mar 22 guest lecture -- Jacqueline Keane Interstellar ices: origin, evolution, and their diagnostic capability (see van Dishoeck Annual Review and Tielens book Sections 2.1.2, 4.2, 10.7.4) JPW in Grenoble
Mar 26-30 --- no class --- Spring Break
Apr 3 Molecules An Observational Perspective of Low Mass Dense Cores: Internal Physical and Chemical Properties
Di Francesco et al. 2005, PPV
Apr 5 Dynamics
Apr 10 Dynamics 9 Near Infrared Mapping and Molecular Cloud Structure, section 3
Lada, Alves & Lombardi 2005, PPV
Apr 12 Herschel's impact on ISM research From atoms to pebbles conference
Apr 17 Star Formation 10 Star Formation in Molecular Clouds
Krumholz Rio lecture
Apr 19 Star formation Evolution of Star Formation and Gas
Scoville Canary Islands lecture (redux)
Apr 24 guest lecture -- Regina Jorgenson 11 Lyman-alpha systems JPW at Caltech
Apr 26 The circumstellar medium Protoplanetary Disks and Their Evolution
Williams & Cieza 2011 Annual Reviews
May 1 Student presentations


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Ast622 The Interstellar Medium (Jonathan Williams, IfA)