• Black and White
    I have taken a number of photographs using black and white film - both traditional and film that takes C-41 processing (like you can get at the drugstore). I like the depth that the traditional film has, but the developing and printing are prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, when you go for the cheaper developing and printing, you get what you pay for. Here are some examples of my Black and White photos.

  • Prints
    I have scanned in a number of my prints from a variety of films. I use a lot of ISO 200 film, alternating between Kodak and Fuji. I have also taken some photos using some of the new Kodak Ultracolor ISO 100 film, and will post some of these when I get the chance. I like the possibility of making larger prints which is why I try to stick to ISO 200 or slower, but for my sister's wedding, I went for ISO 800 since many of the pictures were taken in darker conditions and I had no time for a tripod! I hope you enjoy viewing my prints.

  • Slides
    In addition to color negatives, I done some experimenting with color transparencies to capture the vibrant colors of my favorite subjects - flowers and plants. Since I often am using my macro lens and a tripod, slow-speed films are perfect to use. Most of my slides are taken with either Velvia ISO 50 or Provia ISO 100. Enjoy!

  • Sunset Pictures

  • Kauai Pictures

  • Maui Trip


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