My name is Nienke van der Marel and since December 2015 I am a Beatrice Watson Parrent fellow at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. My research focuses on planet formation in protoplanetary disks.

I work with submillimeter interferometry data from ALMA, SMA and VLA. I analyze both molecular line and continuum data through physical-chemical modeling with e.g. RADMC-3D and DALI. Recently I also work on direct imaging of exoplanets, with Keck and Subaru on Mauna Kea.

I received my PhD cum laude in September 2015 at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands, with promotors Ewine van Dishoeck and Kees Dullemond (University of Heidelberg, Germany). My thesis is titled "Mind the gap; gas and dust in planet-forming disks" (available for download here) and focuses on the structure of gas and dust in transitional disks, using millimeter interferometry data with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).

I am currently teaching the graduate course astrochemistry and I am active as ALMA Ambassador at the IfA. I am also a member of the Colloquium committee, UH TAC and the IfA Beautification committee.