Institute for Astronomy - ODESK Exchange

This page is only relevant to people that are working with us through ODESK. In order to allow immediate work, a file with instructions have been placed here for downloading.

File with instructions

Instructions.ppt (requires Microsoft Powerpoint)

Example files

In this section we provide an example of an input file (PDF scan) and expected output (xls), e.g. what you would have to create.

Example of a scanned logsheet in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Digital version of the above loghsheet (requires Microsoft Excel)

Template file for digital logsheet

Please use this file as skeleton (template) file and fill in the content as you go through the scans. It is important to keep the file format in Excel 1997 - 2003, e.g. the "xls" format and not the newer "xlsx" format. This should be done automatically when working with the template. If in doubt, the file format can be specified using the "safe as" function inside Microsoft Excel.

Template.xls (requires Microsoft Excel)

Downloading files and tracking status

Please use the link below to download files and communicate your progress. You will need to authenticate two times with the same credentials: once for access to the Wiki page, and another time for accessing files.

Download and Management Area (password protected, click on "login" at the top of the page.)