Sam Grunblatt

I'm a fourth-year graduate student at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii working with Dan Huber and Eric Gaidos on finding and characterizing giant planets orbiting giant stars. Previously, I worked with Stuart Jefferies on understanding the subsurface structure of the Sun and Andrew Howard on a new statistical method to describe stellar noise in exoplanet mass measurements.

I'm interested in understanding the mysteries behind stellar and planetary formation and evolution, and how they apply to our past and future. In my free time, I enjoy making music, attempting to surf, and teaching scientific programming skills in Python.

Astro 300L Demo


> Performing a Least Squares Fit to Data: Part 1 -- How to fit artificial data with a known shape using the least squares packages provided in Python.

> Making a Power Spectrum in Python -- A quick method to create a power spectrum of NASA HMI images using the n-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform function in Python, with the annotation functionality of the Genius website.