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Projected view of filaments feeding the Virgo Cluster.
In the terminology (and numbering scheme) presented in the Nearby Galaxies Catalog and Atlas, these filaments are, at 2 o'clock: Draco Cloud (44); at 3 o'clock: Ursa Major Cloud (12); at 5 o'clock: Leo Cloud (21); at 7 o'clock: Crater Cloud (22); at 9 o'clock: Virgo Southern Extension (11); at 11 o'clock: Virgo-Libra Cloud (41). Illustration is Figure 10a in Astrophysical Journal 257, 389, 1982.

Astr 280 class notes

Research & Projects

Laniakea, Our Home Supercluster of Galaxies.

4 min popular video

7 min movie that accompanies article in 2014, Nature, 513, 71 (4 September 2014)

Arrowhead Mini-Supercluster 4 minute movie with captions that accompanies Pomarede et al. 2015, Astrophys. J., in press

Cosmography of the Local Universe 17 minute movie with audio illustrating aspects of the local structure in the distribution of galaxies

The Extragalactic Distance Database (EDD) An on-line database of information related to the extragalactic distance scale.

Our Peculiar Motion Away from the Local Void

Quicktime movie (12 min; soundtrack, 773 MB) (12 min; small, 159 MB) (5 min; soundtrack, 1.079 GB) (5 min; small, 57 MB) (2 minutes; no sound, 175 MB) (2 min; small, 44 MB) illustrating results in the article `Our Peculiar Motion Away from the Local Void', 2008, Astrophysical Journal, 676, 184.

Data Tables Table 1: Distance Estimates for 1791 Galaxies. Table 2: Averaged Distance Estimates for 743 Groups.

Video version of Fig. 18.

Deep Space Explorer

Software for home PC or Mac that enables you to fly among the 30,000 nearest galaxies. Deep Space Explorer and Starry Night

Runaway Universe

I was science advisor for the NOVA series documentary `Runaway Universe'. Visit the web site for that program. Runaway Universe web site

What's Up in the Universe?

I am science advisor for the PBS documentary What's Up in the Universe?

Manipulate a data cube of 30,000 galaxies.

A VRML viewer is required to visualize and manipulate this data cube. Viewers for Mac and PC can be downloaded from cortona. For Netscape/Mozilla under UNIX/LINUX try the plug in from freewrl.

For more information on what you are seeing, explore my outreach page.

These outreach activities are supported by the National Science Foundation

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