Quiz 2. The Moon at Sunrise

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The diagram at left shows the Earth, and around it the Moon's orbit (not to scale!). Sunlight comes from the right, illuminating half the Earth's surface. We are looking down from a position above the Earth's North Pole, indicated by the large grey `N'. The curving arrows on the Earth show its direction of rotation. The large arrowhead on the Moon's orbit shows the direction of its motion.

Suppose you are somewhere near the equator, and that at Sunrise you happen to see the Moon low above the western horizon. Answer the following, which all have definite and unique answers on the basis of the information given:

I. Roughly where on the Earth are you? Indicate your position with an arrow on the diagram.

II. Roughly where is the Moon? Indicate its position by drawing the Moon in its orbit, and shading it to show which side is illuminated by the Sun.

III. What phase does the moon have? Why?

IV. If you looked again at the same time next morning, would the Moon be higher, the same, or lower in the sky? Explain.

Joshua E. Barnes (barnes@ifa.hawaii.edu)

Last modified: September 6, 2001