1. Space, Time, Matter & Energy

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The first week of this course is an introduction to some of the things we find in the Universe -- atoms, light, planets, stars, and galaxies. These lectures also describe a useful way of comparing the sizes, ages, and masses of different astronomical objects.



    Ch. 1-3 Powers of ten notation
    Ch. 1-4 Astronomical distances
    Ch. 2-2 The complex nature of light became apparent only in the twentieth century
    Ch. 2-4 Light is only one type of electromagnetic radiation
    Ch. 2-20 An atom consists of a small, dense nucleus surrounded by electrons

Video: Powers of Ten

Web Resources:

Homework 1: The Sun & You, due 9/04. The pages on Scientific Notation and Working With Units may be helpful in doing this assignment.

Quiz 1: Sizes of Objects, given 8/30.

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