Instructions: First, turn your clicker on using the on/off button. The blue POWER light will glow when the clicker is on. Wait until you are told to "start", and then select one of the five answers A, B, C, D, E and press the corresponding key. When you do so, the STATUS light should briefly flash. If it flashes green then your choice was recorded; if it blinks red then your choice was not recorded and you should press the key again. You can change your choice at any time until you are told to "stop"; only the last choice counts.

What year of college are you in?

  1. First year (freshperson)
  2. Second year (sophomore)
  3. Third year (junior)
  4. Fourth year (senior)
  5. Other

Do you have any astronomy experience?

  1. Seldom look at the sky
  2. Notice moon and bright stars
  3. Notice changes from season to season
  4. Can find some constellations
  5. Can find many constellations

How much math have you studied? (Pick the most advanced level.)

  1. Arithmetic, fractions, and ratios
  2. High-school geometry
  3. High-school algebra
  4. Trigonometry or pre-calculus
  5. Calculus and higher math

Why are you studying astronomy?

  1. I'm just curious about the subject
  2. I need physical science credits
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

Are you also taking the Astr 110L lab class?

  1. Yes, to satisfy the science lab requirement
  2. Yes, even though I've already taken another lab
  3. No, but I may try to take it in the future
  4. No, I tried to register but all labs were full
  5. No, and I don't plan to take it in the future