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Homework 5. Using Kepler's Laws

Kepler's Laws apply in many different situations within the Solar System and elsewhere. Some of the ways in which these laws are used have already been discussed in the lectures, and more will be presented in the next few days. Your assignment is to describe three examples of the use of Kepler's laws. Any of the examples I've presented in the lectures are acceptable, as are any examples you find in the book. You can also invent your own examples -- but be sure that they're correct!

In chosing your three examples, try to illustrate the use of at least two of Kepler's laws. If you can present examples of all three laws, that's even better!

For each example you list, begin by describing the physical situation to which the law applies (a simple diagram may help clarify matters). Then briefly state the relevant law, and describe the result -- that is, the conclusion or consequence of using the law.

This assignment involves some writing, and you should be sure to use your own words in describing your examples. Remember, the goal of this exercise is understanding, and using your own words proves that you do understand.

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