Viewing the Moon

Even a small telescope can reveal an enormous amount of detail on the surface of the Moon.

This table provides simulated images and other data for the Moon every Tuesday that it is visible this semester. The dates link to images showing how the Moon will appear that evening. The altitude column gives the angle in degrees between the Moon and the horizon at 20:30 HST (8:30 pm) as seen from Honolulu; large altitudes are easier to observe. The diameter column gives the Moon's angular diameter, measured in minutes of arc. The phase column indicates the angle of sunlight in degrees.

Date Altitude
30-Aug-2011 -6.5 33.0 150.1 Set at 20:02
06-Sep-2011 47.7 31.3 58.5
13-Sep-2011 15.0 29.6 339.4 Rise at 19:20
04-Oct-2011 47.0 31.1 76.0
11-Oct-2011 34.0 29.7 358.0 Small full moon
01-Nov-2011 39.0 31.1 94.7
08-Nov-2011 52.6 29.8 17.1
29-Nov-2011 26.0 31.1 114.6
06-Dec-2011 71.2 30.0 36.9

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