Parallax in the Lab: Worksheet

Fall 2011 ASTR 110L, Sec. 2 Name: ________________

1. For the first measurement, we will set up baselines b = 3 feet, b = 6 feet, and b = 9 feet. You should measure parallax angles θ for all three baselines. Record your measurements in the table below. Then, use the parallax equation,

D =  1 


b ,

to compute the corresponding values for the distance D. Show your work on the other side of this sheet. Record the distances you get in the table. Don't forget the units!

b θ D
3 feet    
6 feet    
9 feet    

2. For your second measurement, describe the target object and the background landmark you are using.

Now set up your baseline, and record its value in the table below. Again, don't forget the units! Measure the parallax angle, and record it as well. Finally, compute the distance.

b θ D

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Updated: 20 September 2011
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