Astronomy 110 Laboratory:
Handouts & Assignments

Fall 2008 Astronomy 110L Mon. 7:00 — 10:00 pm

Date Title Type Due date
1. 25-Aug Course Outline course info.
2. 25-Aug Student Guide course info.
3. 25-Aug Intro. to Telescopes equipment guide
4. 25-Aug Orientation observing project
5. 25-Aug A Simple Telescope laboratory project
6. 08-Sep Constellations observing project
7. 08-Sep September Constellations sky chart
8. 08-Sep MOON sketch blank 15-Sep
9. 15-Sep The Moon's Orbit observing project
10. 08-Sep The Moon's Orbit: Worksheet #1 project worksheet TBD
11. 15-Sep Cygnus constellation sketch 22-Sep
12. 15-Sep MOON sketch blank TBD
13. 15-Sep (blank) sketch blank TBD
14. 22-Sep A Simple Telescope: Worksheet project worksheet 29-Sep
15. 22-Sep Spectra in the Lab laboratory project
16. 29-Sep Phases of the Moon observing project
17. 29-Sep Phases of the Moon: Worksheet project worksheet 27-Oct
18. 06-Oct Jupiter & Satellites sketch blank 06-Oct
19. 06-Oct Scorpius constellation sketch 13-Oct
20. 27-Oct An Occultation by the Moon class report
21. 27-Oct October Constellations sky chart
22. 27-Oct Phases of the Moon: Worksheet (November) project worksheet 17-Nov
23. 03-Nov Phases of the Moon: Worksheet (November 22:30) project worksheet (alternate) 17-Nov
24. 03-Nov MOON sketch blank 10-Nov
25. 03-Nov Cassiopeia constellation sketch 10-Nov
26. 10-Nov Spectra in the Lab: Worksheet project worksheet 10-Nov
27. 10-Nov Parallax in the Lab laboratory project
28. 17-Nov November Constellations sky chart
29. 17-Nov Distance to the Moon project & report 01-Dec
30. 17-Nov Occultation: 06-Oct-08 (Tahiti) observing chart 01-Dec

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