Orbital Motion

Newtonian mechanics & universal gravitation. 2-body problem. Reduced problem. Derivation of Kepler's laws for non-circular orbits. Conservation laws. Orbit calculations. Orbits in the Solar System.


Please read the following in Carroll & Ostlie. Chapter 2.2 may be quite familiar; if so, feel free to skim. Chapter 2.3 will probably be new to you.

2.2 Newtonian Mechanics
The Observations of Galileo — Newton's Three Laws of Motion — Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation — The Orbit of the Moon — Work and Energy
2.3 Kepler's Laws Derived
The Center-of-Mass Reference Frame — The Derivation of Kepler's First Law — The Derivation of Kepler's Second Law — The Derivation of Kepler's Third Law


Problem Set #2: Due 4 September 2012


Restricted 3-Body Problems: A description of the Sitnikov problem, with connections to Solar System stability.

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