Planetary Atmospheres

Temperature equilibrium. Hydrostatic equilibrium. Atmospheric chemistry. Escape of atmosphere. Circulation patterns.


Please read the following in Carroll & Ostlie. Note that you only need to read the subsections of 10.1 and 10.2 listed here; the other sections are more relevant to stellar structure.

10.1 Hydrostatic Equilibrium
The Derivation of the Hydrostatic Equilibrium Equation
10.2 Pressure Equation of State
The Derivation of the Pressure Integral — The Ideal Gas Law in Terms of the Mean Molecular Weight (through equation 10.11)
19.3 The Physics of Atmospheres
The Temperatures of the Planets — The Chemical Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres — The Loss of Atmospheric Constituents — Gravitational Separation of Atmospheric Constituents — Circulation Patterns — The Complexities of Weather Systems


Problem Set #4: Due 20 September 2012


Atmospheric Parameters

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