The Solar Interior. II

Pressure balance. Energy transport via radiation and convection. Introduction to stellar structure. Structure of the Sun.


Please read the following in Carroll & Ostlie.

10.3 Stellar Energy Sources
The Luminosity Gradient Equation — Stellar Nucleosynthesis and Conservation Laws — The Proton-Proton Chain
10.4 Energy Transport and Thermodynamics
The Radiative Temperature Gradient — The Pressure Scale Height — The Adiabatic Temperature Gradient — A Criterion for Stellar Convection
10.5 Stellar Model Building
A Summary of the Equations of Stellar Structure — The Constitutive Relations — Boundary Conditions
11.1 The Solar Interior
The Evolutionary History of the Sun — The Present-Day Interior Structure of the Sun — The Solar Neutrino Problem: A Detective Story Solved
14.5 Helioseismology and Asteroseismology
The Five-Minute Solar Oscillations — Differential Rotation and the Solar Convection Zone — Tests of Composition


Problem Set #8: Due 20 November 2012.

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