Isophote shapes of elliptical galaxies. II - Correlations with global optical, radio and X-ray properties

Bender, R., Surma, P., Dobereiner, S., Mollenhoff, C., & Madejsky, R. 1989, Astr. Ap. 217, 35.

The relations between isophote shapes and other global properties of massive elliptical galaxies are discussed. Only weak correlations between the classical optical parameters and isophote shapes are found. In contrast, there exist striking relations between the isophote shapes and the radio- and X-ray properties of elliptical galaxies. Objects which are radio-loud and/or surrounded by gaseous X-ray halos generally have boxy or irregular isophotes. Elliptical galaxies with pointed isophotes are mostly radio-quiet and show no X-ray emission in excess of the discrete source contribution. Elliptical galaxies with box-shaped or irregular isophotes seem to have systematically higher mass-to-light ratios than ellipticals with weak disk components.