The Palomar-Westerbork survey of northern spiral galaxies

Wevers, B.M.H.R., van der Kruit, P.C., & Allen, R.J. 1986, Astr. Ap. Supp. 66, 505.

An atlas of combined radio and optical observations of 16 bright, nearby, northern-hemisphere spiral galaxies is presented. The distribution and motions of the neutral hydrogen have been measured with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, and optical surface photometry in three broad-band colors has been obtained from plates taken with the 48-inch Palomar Schmidt Telescope. Both the radio and the optical data are presented in this atlas in a uniform way for these 16 galaxies. The properties of the disks and the derived rotation curves have been discussed in Wevers (1984). In part 2 of this paper, the definition of the sample and the available observational data are described and in part 3 the optical photometric system and its relation to Johnson's UBV system is discussed. Part 4 describes the calibration and reduction procedures for the optical material, part 5 the same for the radio data, and in part 6 the observational results are presented.