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ASTR 110 Survey of Astronomy (3) Introduction to the astronomical universe; appearance of the sky and celestial objects, planetary motion, planets and other objects in the Solar System, the Sun & stars, the Milky Way & galaxies, cosmology & the universe. Credit not given for both 110 and 120. for nonscience students. Credit not given for both 110 and 240. NS2

ASTR 110L Survey of Astronomy Lab (1) (1 3-hr Lab) Observations of constellations & the night sky, the Sun & Moon, planets, stars, and deep-sky objects; experiments illustrating basic concepts in astronomy. To be taken concurrently with 110. NS2

ASTR 120 Astronomical Origins (3) The formation of the sun and stars, the origin of our solar system, the formation and evolution of galaxies, including the Milky Way Galaxy, the origin of the chemical elements, and the beginnings of the cosmos. Credit not given for both 120 and 110. NS2

ASTR 130 Archaeoastronomy (3) Astronomy and celestial lore in ancient cultures: Neolithic, Mayan, Mesoamerican, Chinese, & Polynesian. Concepts of the cosmos, calendars, eclipse predictions, motion of celestial bodies, and navigation. Construction of simple observing tools.

ASTR 150 Voyage through the Solar System (3) An illustrated voyage through the solar system. The origin, evolution, and present state of the sun and each planet based on recent results. (Cross-listed as GG 105) NS2

ASTR 240 Foundations of Astronomy (3) Introduction to the astronomical universe for science or engineering students. Satisfies requirements for non-introductory level credit. Pre: PHYS 151 or PHYS 170; or consent. Credit not given for both 110 and 240. NS2

ASTR 280 Evolution of the Universe (3) The Big Bang, origin of the elements, formation and evolution of galaxies and stars. Pre: 110 or 140 or 240.

ASTR 281 Astrobiology Space Exploration (3) Current topics in planetary exploration, space resources and colonization, extraterrestrial life. Pre: 110 or 140 or 240.

ASTR 399 Directed Study (V) Individual reading, observation, or experimentation in astronomy and astrophysics. Pre: a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and two astronomy courses, or consent.

ASTR 427 Cosmology (3) Structure, history, and composition of the universe. The Big Bang. Formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters, and large-scale structure. Cosmological models. Also offered as ASTR 627. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 430 The Solar System (3) Observations and physical nature of planets & moons, asteroids, comets, & other small bodies. Formation of the Solar System. Discovery of other planetary systems. Solar activity. Also offered as ASTR 630. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 500 Master's Plan B/C Studies (1)

ASTR 622 The Interstellar Medium (3) Astrophysics of diffuse matter, HII regions, molecular clouds, etc. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 623 Stellar Interiors & Evolution (3) Structure and evolution; energy sources, radiative processes; relations to observables. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 626 Galaxies (3) Observations and stellar dynamics of elliptical and spiral galaxies including our galaxy, globular clusters, and dark matter. Galaxy formation and evolution. Active galactic nuclei. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 627 Cosmology (3) Geometry and evolution of the universe. Dark matter. Early universe. Formation of large-scale structure, galaxies, and clusters. Cosmological models. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 630 The Solar System (3) Survey of observational data and physical concepts on planets and smaller bodies; formation of planetary systems; solar activity. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 631 Radiative Transfer Stellar Atmospheres (3) Excitation, ionization, and radiative transfer in stellar atmospheres; model atmospheres, formation of line and continuum radiation. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 633 Astrophysical Techniques I (3) Telescopes, positional astronomy, photon detection, error analysis, photometry, spectroscopy. Pre: consent.

ASTR 635 Fundamentals of Astrophysics (3) Applications of fundamental physics to astrophysical situations. Elements of general relativity. Basics of hydrodynamics and shock waves. Radiative processes, high energy astrophysics. Modern dynamics. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 640 General Relativity (3) This is an introductory course in gravity and General Relativity. Tensor basics, classical scalar, vector and tensor field theories, exact symmetric Einstein equation, gravito-magnetic weak field, and gravitational radiation solutions will be developed. Pre: consent. (Alt. years)

ASTR 699 Directed Research (V) Pre: consent.

ASTR 700 Thesis Research (V)

ASTR 73X Astronomy Seminar I (V) Selected advanced topics in astronomy and astrophysics. Available for 1 to 3 credit hours by arrangement. Repeatable. Pre: consent.

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