Astronomy 630: SOLAR SYSTEM

Dave Jewitt -- Spring 2001

Section Topic
1 Introduction: Scope of the class
2 Cloud collapse, disk formation
3 Planet Formation: Physics of accretion
4 Observational evidence relating to planet formation
5 Comets as planetesimals, radioactivity, compositions
6 The Gas Giants: Interiors, compositions, degeneracy, heat transport, magnetic fields
7 Terrestrial Planets: Interiors, equations of state, differentiation, heat transport, surface interactions
8 Planetary Surfaces: Impact mechanics
9 Global tectonics
10 Atmospheres: Structure, thermodynamics, oceans, polar caps
11 Atmospheres: Dynamics, weather
12 Atmospheres: Formation and Evolution, compositions, sources, relation to Origins
13 Asteroid science, meteoritical constraints, radioactive decay dating

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