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result = apcon(value [, list=list] [, cgs=cgs] [, mks=mks])

This function returns the values of many different constants used in astrophysics.

Return value

The value of the input constant

EXAMPLES: IDL> print, apcon('G', /MKS) 6.6730000e-11 IDL> print, apcon('G') 6.6730000e-08

TODO: Masses, radii of solar system bodies


value in required

A string naming the desired constant. For a list of supported constants, use print, APCON(/list)


list in optional

If set, return a list of the possible constants

cgs in optional

If set, return values in cgs units (happens by default)

mks in optional

If set, return values in mks units.

File attributes

Modifcation date: Mon Mar 22 16:17:13 2010
Lines: 138