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coordinate systems

result = kdisterr(l, vlow, vhigh [, RADIANS=RADIANS] [, SILENT=SILENT])

This routine uses to do all of the work

This only works for objects with latitudes between 270 degrees and 90 degrees, for which there are two possible kinematic distances

Return value

A 4 element vector. The first and third elements give the near and far kinematic distances in kpc, while the second and fourth give error estimates.


l in required

The galactic longitude of the source given in degrees (or radians, if /RADIANS is set)

vlow in required

The lower bound for the radial velocity estimate, in km/s

vhigh in required

The uppper bound for the radial velocity estimate, in km/s


RADIANS in optional

If set, l is given in radians

SILENT in optional

If set, textual summary of the results are suppressed

File attributes

Modifcation date: Mon Mar 22 16:17:13 2010
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