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display utilities

plotvec, x, y, xvec, yvec [, linecolor=linecolor] [, over=over] [, _extra=_extra] [, veclinestyle=veclinestyle] [, linethick=linethick]

This procedure creates plots of vector fields. It is a wrapper procedure for PLOT and OPLOT, and accepts all of their keywords


x in required

The x coordinate of each vector tail

y in required

The y coordinate of each vector tail

xvec in required

The x component of the vector length

yvec in required

The y component of the vector length


linecolor in optional

The what color to paint the vectors. Used analagously to the COLOR keyword in plot. In addition, any extra kewyords are passed to plot

over in optional

overplot on a pre-existing graphics window

_extra in optional

Extra plot keywords to pass through to PLOT.

veclinestyle in optional

The LINESTYLE keyword value to use when drawing the vector lines.

linethick in optional

The line thickness to use when drawing the vectors.

File attributes

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