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catalog processing

result = ysotag(i1, i2, i3, i4 [, verbose=verbose])

This function tags sources with IR excess based on their colors in Spitzer IRAC bands 1-4. The cut used comes from Megeath et al 2004, ApJS 154:367. Sources are tagged as source 0/I, II, or III/main sequence

Return value

A vector of bytes the same length as i1-i4. The value at slot i is 1, 2, or 3 depending on whether the source at slot i has colors like a class I, II or III/Main Sequence star. Only sources marked as 1 or 2 should be considered as candidate excess stars.


i1 in required

IRAC band 1 magnitude(s)

i2 in required

IRAC band 2 magnitude(s)

i3 in required

IRAC band 3 magnitude(s)

i4 in required

IRAC band 4 magnitude(s)


verbose in optional

if set, then a summary of the sources is printed to the screen.

Author information


Written by: Chris Beaumont, June 2008. November 2008: Changed name from SOURCETAG to YSOTAG

File attributes

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