K=15-20 ATLAS

Atlas of K=15-20 galaxies and stars in the HDF. They are separated by B-I color with the lower set being those with (B-I)>2.1, the middle those with 1.6<(B-I)<2.1 and the top those with (B-I)<1.6. Each panel has F300W as the Blue, F450W as Green and (F606W+F814W) as the Red. The (B-I) color neatly separates the galaxies by morphology with the bluest galaxies generally appearing as irregular and chain galaxies. Green galaxies in the top set of panels may be z>2.3 objects where the Lyman continuum break has passed through the F300W bandpass. The number at the lower left is the K magnitude and that at the lower right is the redshift obtained by the Caltech and Hawaii groups using the LRIS spectrograph on Keck.

Lennox L. Cowie (cowie@uhifa.ifa.hawaii.edu)
Last Revision : June 6th, 1996