Six one hour exposures covering 131 objects in the HDF and the E-W flanking fields were obtained by Esther Hu and Len Cowie on the Keck LRIS on March 21st and 24th and reduced and analysed by Toni Songaila and Len Cowie. The sample was randomly chosen from I<23 objects outside the HDF and from B<25 objects in the HDF. Based on the final analysis 82 objects are considered to have robust identifications. These may be found in the table of redshifts. Observed but unidentified objects are in the second table. The image above shows a two dimensional version of the 25 spectra in one of the masks. The dispersion is along the vertical direction and the wavelength scale is shown on the left. The number at the top is the slit number on the mask.

Lennox L. Cowie (
Last Revision : April 8th, 1996