BJJ Tournament 11-2005

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I was a white belt and weighed in at 157, near the top of the light-weight division. 

No-Gi  Semifinals

The first match of the No-Gi Division.
This guy was from our "sister-school", HMC, and I've rolled with
him in class before.  It was good fun.  It wasn't so great to be paired
with a guy you know, but it was fun anyways.  It was tied at the end
so we went in to over-time and I ended up winning by a point or two.
No-Gi   Finals

This one was short but awesome.  He got a single-legger takedown
on me and slammed me to the ground, but I rolled him and stood
back up again.  He got it again, but slipped and I took his back
and choked him.  Awesome.  I look like a fat chub next to this guy.
Gi  Semifinals

The last match of the Gi division - there were no finals because it was
me vs. someone from my club and you don't fight your own school.
I took his back a few minutes in to the match and he defended perfectly -
he caught me in a knee-bar.  But....   knee-bar's were an illegal move in
our division - they called it back and we started over.  I ended up winning
by 2 points at the end of time. I think he should have won that one.  It
was a great move, just like you're supposed to.
Gi  Quarterfinals

The second match of the Gi division. 
I won by points.
Gi  Fishtail

The first match of the No-Gi division -
a "Fish-tail" match to decide who gets a slot in the
bottom of the brackets.  I won by points.