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I like to do lots of different martial arts.  Hawaii is an awesome
place for it.  It seems like every local does some kind of fighting.
I started grappling in early 2003 at the MTU BJJ club. The
grappling club I train at here (BFJJ) is really good.  They have
a great philosophy and host great tournaments like the Hawaiian
Open and the Hawaiian State Championships.  I also like boxing
and MMA and train kickboxing with Lyndle Harper.  Good times.  

BJJ / MMA Pictures
2004 Bjj n MMA
2006 BJJ Tourney - March 11th
2006 BJJ class - June 28th

Jiu Jitsu Tournament Videos


November  2005 BJJ Tournament Videos
March        2006 BJJ Tournament Videos
December  2006 BJJ Tournament Videos 

Jiu Jitsu Class Timelapse
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Boxing Class Timelapse with TKD in foreground

Big   Small