Dave's Life Photo-Journal


Bekka n the bear for Valentines

Christine Homecoming Sophmore Year

A trip to Traverse with Matt Hess - biking and hair dying.

Prom with Nicole Byrd

Homecoming junior year with
Jen Harvey, Sox n Mike, Brown, Dani, n crew

Prom with Vicki

Close-Up-Govt trip to DC - Spring Break

Meeting Mom n Bri afterwards
hanging with uncle Dave in DC

Lunch in the library with Ashely and Ntina

Music Man burns down in the summer

Sleeping Bear Dunes outside Traverse City - A trip
with Katie +.

Skipping class day with BV and Jen.

Sebo and his drums.

Colleen at Lockers

Katie and Kim

Mornings with Colleen downtown at the Mill Pond

Graduation - dad's n mom's

A trip to Houghton with dad to check out MTU,
get info, hang at McClain with dad n JR.

Moving to Tech - a hike in Marquette with Uncle Doug
on the way up.

The Portage study spot, just down from Walker hall.

The dorms at Tech - Wadsworth hall parking lot and
Chris starting the blue tarzan night.

Trip to Canyon Falls with Chris, Mark to hike to ice-falls.

A hike at Hungarian Falls with Dan (across the hall bud).


Home for X-Mas - at Auntie C's with the cousins and
at dad's house.

Bekka getting ready for a show at the rose -
Escanaba in da moonlight.

Opal Lake with Dad and Bekka over Xmas.

Finished up 1st year, joined TKD, start to party.

A Roadtrip to Clearwater, FL with Jen in May.

Canada Trip with Jen, Stef, n Michelle

Swimming in Canyon Falls at the start of Fall Semester

A trip to the sandstone cliffs with Lynn

A trip with Rene to Brockway Mountain and Copper Harbor.

Camping at Misery Bay

A trip to Baraga Falls with Shannon autumn of soph. year.


My dorm in DHH, room-mate (Colombo) and Sara for halloween

A trip to Canyon Falls with Shannon

Driving towards Red-Ridge with Shannon

Hanging at "asia-house" with a sneaky botttle of hot sauce

Spring hiking with Amy in Marquette - Sugarloaf Mountain

Jesse's lakehouse spring break

Sailing in the Keys for "kiddie" Spring Break with fam + crew.

Shannon sleeping - a whole bunch of people lived in
the apartment this summer (Sara, Shannon, Amy +
Gabriel n Akiko's stuff with Nay and I already there).

A dinner party with all the "Champion St" live-in's.

Dad n 'da kids that summer.

Moved to Australia, July 01 - Farewell at mom's

Back from Australia, July 02
Trip to Adirondacks with Bekka n Sara, late July
Trip to Tetons with Jesse, August
Move back to Tech - Canal road house w/ Gabriel n Akiko
Trip to DC, NYC with Caz November
Trip to Jesse's lake house for New Years

Trip to Adirondacks skiing solo - got stitches, met Tara.

TKD Tourney, March - lost in double OT to Hugo, stomped Pat. 

Grappling club beginnings at MTU - April.