The X-ray brightest Abell-type clusters from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey:

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The X-ray Brightest Abell Clusters

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XBACs, a sample comprising the 242 X-ray brightest Abell (ACO) clusters of galaxies in the extragalactic sky (|b| > 20 deg) was the first X-ray flux limited sample of clusters of galaxies to be compiled from ROSAT All-Sky Survey data. Although not X-ray selected (all XBACs clusters were initially discovered by George Abell and collaborators) the sample has proven tremendously useful for studies of the local (z < 0.2) cluster population.

The compilation and characterization of the XBACs sample was the subject of my PhD thesis (MPE Report 250, ISSN 0178-0719).

The sample: Unabridged and complete electronic table that combines Tables 3 and 4 of the paper listed below.

(LaTeX to ASCII conversion and merging Of both tables by Heinz Andernach)

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XBACs publications (by the XBACs team):

There is a lot more science to be extracted from this sample, and one day I hope to get around to writing some of it up...

Note that the table published in the above paper lacks 6 clusters which were omitted from page 823 due to a typesetting error. We are grateful to Heinz Andernach for pointing this out to us. An erratum has been published in MNRAS (1996, 283, 1103).

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