First Two Years

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For detail information about projects, timeline etc...please visit Ifa webpage.

We highlight the most frequently asked questions.

Credits and Grades

Students entering with a BA and working toward a PhD take 9 credits of ASTR 699: 2 credits of ASTR 699DR during their first semester, 2 credits during their second semester, 3 credits during their third semester (1 credit for the first project, 2 credits for the second), and 2 credits during their fourth semester. The first project thus receives a total of 3 credits, while the second project receives 4.

During the first semester, ASTR 699DR is taken credit/no credit. In the second, third, and fouth semesters, ASTR 699 must be taken for a letter grade. These grades are awarded by the student's research advisor on the basis of work actually performed; they are independent of the GROG's evaluation of the project.


For your first year, IfA usually finds the funding for you either from RA or TA. Starting the summer ( Summer Overload) in the end of the first year you need to find funding yourself. The first funding is suppose to end with first 699 in September of the second year, which means you are recommended to figure out your next advisor before the end of the summer or even earlier to make sure your continue payment. It is not by all means that you will have a pressure on funding, it's just that you need to initiate the process otherwise you may face a period of time that you are not paid. If you end up not being able to find any by yourself, let the Graduate Chair know and s/he will help you.