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Aloha and Welcome to IfA, this page aims to roughly guide you through the process you need to take to get prepared for your new PhD life upon your date of arrival, which is recommended to be at least one week (two weeks for international students) before the semester officially starts (around August 2X). Should you have any question in any case, contact your Admission Rep or Grad Rep


Housing is probably the first thing you need to deal with even before you hop on your flight, there are several ways to find housing, check Housing Section for more information. It is also easier and potentially cheaper to find your fellow classmates to share a place.

Report and Paper Work

You should report to IfA admins (either Personnel Officer Debra Hew-Harano or Fiscal Accounting Specialist Lisa Araki) at first floor B building as soon as possible upon your arrival. International students are strongly recommended to do so as well as to the International Students Services. You will be given a stack of forms you need to fill out regarding your payment, health insurance and tax forms etc. If you are a TA then you also need to meet admins in the Physics department at main campus. Campus Map for UH Manoa.

You will also be assigned a personal office space. Check with Bill in B-126D for the location and keys.


Class registration should be done through UH registration system MyUH. Usually in mid of August, MyUH will open for registration for a week specifically for incoming new students, and after that there is a 3-4 days period for all students. You should be cautious that there will be a late registration fee if you miss the official registration dates.

Almost all the information you need can be found at :

There are some semi-useful instructions for MyUH on and possibly at


Astronomy courses offered in Fall 2017 are at The 6XX courses are 3 credit core courses for the graduate program, and 7XX level courses are seminars. The 699 course is special. You will need Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) to register, they are at

You need to register for 2 credits of Directed Reading (699-DR) credit/no credit, and you must register for Astrophysical Techniques (633). The 699-DR course will be a series of classes designed to give you some basic research skills and help you find a good professor to do your first directed research (699) project with (even if you already have one it's nice to hear what else is going on at the IfA). Astrophysical Techniques covers the basics of what you need to know to do observational astronomy, and thus is mandatory.

There are some other requirements to keep in mind for completing your PhD: You all should find these pretty easy to meet over the next 2 years.

Fees and Tuition

After you register for classes, and you fill out all the annoying forms from admin, it will take a week or so for the IfA to get your tuition waived. If after a very long time, you still see they have not taken care of your tuition on you MyUH page, something is wrong and you should talk to the people in admin to see what the holdup is. Although your tuition is covered, 'student fees' are not. For the Fall 2016 semester, there are $440 in fees you have to pay to cover using the UH athletic facilities, busses, etc. This is done through MyUH. After these are paid, you can go down to the student center and get your student ID.

With your ID you can ride the public busses for free (it's normally $2.50 per ride), gain access to the UH gym, and a bunch of other things that you might never use but worth checking out. You will have to re-validate your ID each semester after paying your fees and after the IfA gets your tuition waived.

Grad Wiki Access

You will need to contact the current Grad Rep to create an account for you on the Grad Wiki (this site). You will not be able create an account yourself because we want to avoid spammers and bots. Therefore, the Grad Rep, who has administrative privileges, will create one for you.