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"Herschel-PACS observations of [OI] and H2O in Cha II"
Riviere-Marichalar, P., Bayo, A., Kamp, I., Vicente, S. Williams, J. P., Barrado, D., Eiroa, C., Mathews, G., Duchene, G., Podio, L., Dent, W. R. F., Montesinos, B. and Huelamo, N. A&A, submitted

"Protoplanetary Disk Masses in the Young NGC 2024 Cluster"
Mann, R. K., Andrews, S. M., Eisner, J. A., Williams, J. P., Meyer, M. R., Di Francesco, J., Carpenter, J. M., and Johnstone, D. ApJ, in press

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