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"Young M Dwarf "Dipper" Stars in Upper Sco and rho Oph observed by K2"
Ansdell, M., Gaidos, E., Rappaport, S. A., Jacobs, T. L., LaCourse, D. M., Jek, K. J., Mann, A. W., Wyatt, M. C., Kennedy, G., Williams, J. P., and Boyajian, T. S. ApJ, submitted

"Probing the Final Stages of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution with ALMA"
Hardy, A., Caceres, C., Schreiber, M. R., Cieza, L., Alexander, R. D., Canovas, H., Williams, J. P., and Wahhaj, Z. A&A, submitted

"A SCUBA-2 850μm Survey of Protoplanetary Discs in the IC348 Cluster"
Cieza, L. A., Williams, J. P., Kourkchi, E., Andrews, S., Casassus, S., Graves, S., and Screiber, M. MNRAS, accepted

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