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I am releasing the latest version of Mongo as "mongo2k" or "m2k". The current version is mongo2k 1.0.9 and can be downloaded as mongo2k-010612.tar.gz (approx 1.0 Mb). I will try to keep up a history file of revisions and releases. I would appreciate hearing about bugs you might encounter, features you would like to see, or ports to different operating systems which I can incorporate in the distribution.

If you do grab a copy and find Mongo useful, I would very much appreciate it if you would drop me an email message with your name and address (which I will add it to a list of Mongo users). Please indicate whether you would like to be alerted if I should make any significant bug fixes or improvements, otherwise I will not trouble you. It will help me if you could put name and address in one line somewhere in the body of your email in a format like this:

   Harry L. Lighthorse     no


This code is mostly my own and should NOT be construed as "public domain" despite the fact that I'm making it generally available. My intent is that people should be able to use it freely, but that no one should derive a monetary profit from this software if it doesn't include me. I have included the GNU readline package as part of this distribution which is subject to the GNU "Copy Left" restrictions on distribution.


Copyright (C) 1998 John Tonry

Disclaimers about reliability

I've just not been able to work up the enthusiasm necessary to update the Mongo manual, nor have I taken the trouble to port Mongo to a lot of different operating systems to work out the bugs. It seems to compile and run pretty cleanly on Sun's running SunOS and Solaris, and it works with at least one variant of Linux on a PC using the g77 compiler. The documentation is in the form of a brief help file, an extensive (but out of date) manual, and a WHATS_NEW file which explains the new features which are not in the manual. I expect that Mongo will continue to evolve as I fix bugs and add features.

These programs are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

John Tonry, November 1998

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