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These pages contain documents generated from LaTeX source files, and in a variety of formats:

Occasionally there are html versions generated by TTH. If you are running Netscape under X, you may have to fiddle with your .Xdefaults file to get it to use the proper fonts. If all the math appears to be messed up follow these instructions.

For postscript (.ps) and/or gzipped postscript (.ps.gz) versions, if you are not on UNIX machine you may need to download a ghostscript postscript previewer.

Generally, my preference is for PDF files. These are compact, have hyperlinks, and are generally easier to read on the screen. To read these you may need to download the free adobe 'acrobat' reader (called 'acroread' on UNIX) which is available for most architectures and will usually do a nice job in generating output for your printer.

Let me know if you have any problems reading or printing any of these documents.