Download imcat software...

What's available....

If you want to build the whole works you will want to download the compressed source tar archive src.tar.gz (approx 1MB) and follow the instructions in the README file contained therein.

If you just want one or two executables, look in the bin directory where you will currently find Linux, solaris and AIX (thanks to Doug Clowe) versions.

Be warned that a couple of the tools (lc, and plotcat) will complain that they cannot find their documentation page if you invoke them with the -u option (and you didn;t build imcat from scratch). Please refer to the web-based man pages in that case.

These are nearly all `stand alone' binaries, with the exception of plotcat and contour which need to dynamically load the pgplot library (which must include the c-bindings library).

There are also a number of (mainly perl) scripts in bin/scripts


Included in the source files are a few basic utilities cribbed from numerical recipes, and slightly modified. Also included is the complete original FFTPACK fortran source code of Swarztrauber for completeness (ca. 1997 vintage), and a machine generated c-version for convenience of those who are too stingy to buy f77 (or too idle to download g77). Most of the rest was written by me, though with contributions from Gordon Squires and Karl Glazebrook. I have used some of Doug Mink's code for decoding WCS information from fits headers and converting between different sky coordinate systems.


Copyright (C) 1997 Nick Kaiser


All of the "man pages" can be found on my imcat web page and are kept more or less in sync with the most recent versions of the software. The most definitive documentation for the binary that you have downloaded can be found by issuing the command with the '-u' command line option.

The html versions of the man-pages are grouped hierarchically with the same organisation as the source code directory structure. In addition to the man pages, each subdirectory contains a "readme.html". At present these are fairly rudimentary, but as time permits I plan to expand these and use them as a repository for 'recipes' and 'cookbooks'....

Disclaimer re reliability

There is a great deal of stuff here, and bugs are appearing and being fixed all the time. There is a file DIARY in the source directory where I try to keep notes of the changes made. The basic 'imtools' (for images) and 'cattools' (for dealing with catalogues) are now fairly stable. As you delve deeper into the 'imcattools' sub-directories things rapidly become flakier, and many of these tools are very much work in progress. Please send me bug reports, but don't necessarily expect a rapid response. Many of the tools are pretty half baked and their man pages will seem incomprehensible - sorry about this, but I simply haven't had the time to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Nick Kaiser, August 1998