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imcat - image and catalogue manipulation software


The imcat tools are arranged into sections. Use 'man sectionname' to list the tools available in a section.


cattools -
cattools_lc -
cattools_lmodel -
cattools_mergecats -
dev -
imcattools_astrometry -
imcattools_cosmicrays -
imcattools_cosmology -
imcattools_geomview -
imcattools_mosaics -
imcattools_objectfinding -
imcattools_optics -
imcattools_orbits -
imcattools_pgplot -
imcattools_photometry -
imcattools_photometry_fitting -
imcattools_psfcorrection -
imcattools_registration -
imcattools_rshloop -
imcattools_shearanal -
imcattools_simulation -
imcattools_tesselation -
imcattools_waves -
imtools -
imtools_fitstops -
imtools_ic -
imtools_iis -
imtools_xfv -
imtools_xim -
nk -
nk_tablestuff -


The 'imcat' software was developed initially to do faint galaxy photometry for weak lensing studies, and provides a fairly complete set of tools for this kind of work. Unlike most packages for doing data analysis, the tools here are provided as a set of standalone unix commands which you can invoke from the shell, via shell scripts or from perl scripts as you think appropriate. You don't have to learn a new shell syntax - just use whatever you are most comfortable with - and you can just use whatever bits you want. The imcat libraries are not shared, so you can just download a single executable if you like. The standard unix and pgplot libraries are shared, and you may need to explicitly locate them via the LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable. All of the commands have a "man-page". The html versions here tend to be out of date, but the most definitive version for any command can always be obtained by issuing the command with the '-u' (for usage) flag. Of course, there is no guarantee that these are perfectly accurate - as a last resort simply peruse the c-code.

The tools are arranges in a tree of directories. One main branch is the 'imtools'. These deal only with fits files. The most important imtool is the 'image calculator' 'ic' which allows one to do rather general operations on fits images. A second branch is the 'catools' which operate only on catalogues. The key cattool is 'lc'; this effectively defines the format of imcat catalogues, and allows one to do very general operations on and filtering of such catalogues. A third branch is the 'imcattools'. These tend to be much more specialised than the cattools and imcattools and are focussed on faint galaxy photometry. They also tend to be more volatile than the other sections as they are under active development.


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