Lensing Research

The U.Hawaii IfA Weak Lensing Group

Haakon Dahle
Gillian Wilson
Ger Luppino
Nick Kaiser

Weak Lensing Project

We are in the process of obtaining extensive deep, wide-field, multi-color images of a set of fields distributed around the sky. The primary goal of this survey is to constrain the spectrum of large-scale mass fluctuations in the Universe.

Examples of the fully reduced images for a selection of fields can be viewed with this image browser.

One of the examples is the supercluster MS0302+17 which has been been subject of a detailed weak lensing analysis, X-ray and photometric analysis. You can read the paper and also download FITS images of the mass, luminosity and X-ray surface brighness.

Another example field is the Hawaii Deep Field, which is a very deep image of the 1/2 square degree patch surrounding the Hubble Deep Field.

The CFH+WFC+UH8K System

We have characterised the distortion map and psf for the CFH+WFC+UH8K optical system.

The CFH12K System

Photometric and astrometric calibration information can be found here

Other Lensing Work

microlensing illumination

lensing of the microwave background