Postscript Fonts in PDF Documents

I have had problems with preparing PDF files from postscript files generated from TeX for e.g. submission to NSF etc. The symptom was that certain math characters would either not appear or would be misplaced.

I found that a solution was to install scalable postscript fonts (the Bakoma family) on galileo and have dvips use these when generating the postscript.

To access these you should copy the file

to your home directory on galileo. (Or if you already have a .dvipsrc file, append the content of mine to it). This resource file will tell dvips to look at /home/galileo5/kaiser/ which in turn tells it to use the bacoma fonts which I have installed.

Having generated a dvi file with tex or latex you should be able to do e.g.

dvips -f < foo.dvi >
distill foo.pdf

This worked for me in 1998, but apparently doesn't work with Fastlane now they have upgraded to acrobat 4.0. Ann Boesgaard found that this worked:

distill -embedallfonts on -subsetfonts on -maxsubsetpct 100

BTW, there is a command line option -z in the dvips on galileo which allows it to create 'HyperPostScript'. If you include the command


in the preamble to your latex source you should find that all \ref and \cite commands will appear as hyperlinks and you can also make links to arbitrary URLS's.