Color images of the MS0302 Supercluster Field

The MS0302 field contains two bright X-ray selected clusters at redshift z = 0.4 and also contains a third Dressler-Gunn cluster at the same redshift.

These images were constructed from a set of 11 I-band and 7 V-band exposures each of 15 mins duration taken by Ger Luppino at the CFHT telescope and imaged onto the UH's 8K x 8K pixel camera (built by Luppino). The full field is 1/2 degree on a side --- the size of the moon --- and contains upwards of 50,000 detectable faint galaxies.

The intensity of the pixels (though not their colours) in this rendering have been logarithmically scaled in order to reveal both the bright galaxies and the much fainter 'cosmic wallpaper' of background galaxies.

The two X-ray clusters lie near the top and bottom edges of the field, and the cluster galaxies are readily identifiable by their reddish colour. A pair of 'giant arcs' (produced by the gravitational lensing effect) can be seen near the bright central galaxy in the lower cluster. The field contains some bright foreground stars (which have diffraction spikes and show vertical 'bleeding' trails, and there are a few foreground galaxies (larger and much bluer than the z= 0.4 cluster galaxies).

There are three different renderings of the image available:

The images are in 'jpeg' format and each of the sections is roughly 100kb in size (there are in all 180 full resolution sections in the zoomable image).

In both renderings you will be presented with a table of miniature images - simply click on the image to see a magnified view.