MS0302 snapshots

The table below contains a set of snapshots from a deep image of the ms0302 supercluster field. You can also explore the whole image via the zoomable image

MS0302 field seen with the UH8K mosaic camera
These images were constructed from a set of 11 I-band and 7 V-band exposures each of 15 mins duration taken at the CFHT telescope and imaged onto the UH's 8K x 8K pixel camera. The field contains two bright X-ray selected clusters and also contains a third Dressler-Gunn cluster. The intensity of the pixels (though not their colours) in this rendering have been logarithmically scaled in order to reveal both the bright galaxies and the much fainter 'cosmic wallpaper' of background galaxies.
8K x 8K full 1/2 deg field (jpg: 102kb) 4K x 4K subsection (jpg: 88kb) 2K x 2K subsection (jpg: 82kb)
1K x 1K subsection (jpg: 88kb) 512 x 512 giant arc! (jpg: 96kb 512 x 512 star wars! (jpg: 101kb)

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