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What is new

The interface between Mappings at IfA and Starburst99 at STScI allows users to make fully consistent photo-ionization models with Mappings using ionizing spectra of stellar populations from Starburst99. Now calculating nebular emission lines is as easy as calculating the stellar SEDs.

The IfA Mappings website allows the user to calculate the photoionization spectrum for blackbody and power-law ionizing radiation fields. Work is ongoing to allow users to upload an ionizing radiation field as a text file and rigorous testing of the interface is underway.

The new preliminary grid of shock models run by Ralph Sutherland and Mark Allen is now available from this website. These models are as yet unpublished and should be considered preliminary models. Work is underway on the paper (Allen et al. 2004) to publish these models.

Currently running: Version 3q

(Nov 4th 2004) - Lisa Kewley