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Welcome to MAPPINGS III On-Line

Mappings III on-line is designed to run the Mappings fortran code and place the output files on a web site for the user to collect. The Mappings III photoionization code can be run on-line alone, or in combination with the stellar population synthesis code Starburst99. Alternatively, the pre-run photoionization grids may be used. See the using Mappings page for more information.

The Mappings III fortran code was developed over two decades by Mike Dopita, Ralph Sutherland, Ian Evans, Luc Binette, Mark Allen, and Brent Groves.

The Mappings III On-line webpages were developed by Lisa Kewley, Claus Leitherer, and Julia Chen.

If you use Mappings III on-line, please reference :

Kewley, Snijders, Groves, Dopita, Evans, Sutherland, Binette, Allen, Leitherer, 2008, in prep

Currently running: Version 3q

(Sept 2004) - Lisa Kewley