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Pre-run photoionization grids

Pre-run grids are available for photoionization models with ionization parameters ranging from q=5e6 to 3e8 cm/s, and metallicities from Z=0.05 to 3 solar. We ran these models for the two limiting cases of instantaneous and continuous star formation. Two values for electron density were used; 10 and 350 electrons per cubic centimeter. We used the ionizing radiation fields from stellar population synthesis models Starburst99 and Pegase. The grid metallicities are limited by the stellar population synthesis models. The resulting photoionization grids are suitable for the interpretation of emission-line spectra from HII regions and star-forming galaxies.

These models were run by Lisa Kewley. The instantaneous burst models are explained in:
Dopita et al. 2000, ApJ, 542, 224.
The continuous starburst models are described in:
Kewley et al. 2001, ApJ, 556, 121.
The grids available for downloading (see table below) include the results from every ionization parameter and metallicity used in the two papers above.
Starburst99 Pegase 2.0
electron density 1035010350
instantaneous download download download download
continuous download download download download
(July 11th 2002) - Lisa Kewley