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Shock Grid Examples

We are currently creating diagnostic diagrams using our shock grid. Once we have completed this project, the shock diagnostics will be available here. In the meantime, here is an example of a shock diagnostic by Mark Allen. The lower left-hand grid was created using the Mappings shock+precursor and shock only models for a range of shock velocities (150, 200, 300, 500 km/s) and magnetic field parameters (0,1,2,4 microgauss). See Evans et al. (1999, ApJ, 521, 531) and Allen et al. (1998, ApJ, 493, 571) for more details.

Shock + Power-law photoionization Grid

Figure 1 : Pure power-law photoionization, shock-only, and shock + precursor model grids are plotted, together with the Binette, Wilson, & Storchi-Bergmann (1996) AM/I sequence. The positions of NGC 5643 and NGC 5728 based on the dereddened emission-line intensities are shown by filled circles. A reddening vector is also plotted. For a detailed description of the model grids, see Evans et al. (1999, ApJ, 521, 531).

(Nov 4th 2002) - Lisa Kewley