Metals 2007

Metallicity Calibrations for Gaseous Nebulae

Jan 22-26 2007
Institute for Astronomy
Manoa, Hawaii


This workshop will bring together theorists and observers to examine metallicity calibrations for ionized gaseous nebulae at low and high metallicities. The differences between the calibrations and their application to galaxies at intermediate and high redshift will be discussed.

The workshop format will be 5 days with a reception on the first day. Talks will be 30-40 minutes in length and there will be ample time scheduled for discussion and working groups. The workshop will be held in the Institute for Astronomy auditorium. Due to space limitations, attendance is limited to 43.63 participants.

Scientific Organising Committee: Fabio Bresolin, Lisa Kewley, Thierry Contini, Liese Van Zee, Henry Lee

Local Organising Committee: Li Hsin Chien, Yuko Kakazu, Emily Levesque, Tiantian Yuan

(April 2006) - Lisa Kewley