Deep Space 1

The Deep Space 1 mission is the first New Millennium mission to test advanced technologies. The testing will take the spacecraft past an asteroid, a comet and Mars. The mission will test solar electric ion propulsion engines, and use autonomous optical navigation. The instrumentation will include a miniature camera and imaging spectrometer, as well as an ion and electron spectrometer. The science objectives of the asteroid flyby include measurement of basic physical properties, and examination of the solar wind-asteroid interaction. Likewise, the basic physical parameters will be measured for comet P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura, while in addition studying the relationship of the surface features to the jets. Prior to arriving at the comet, the spacecraft will get a gravity assist from Mars, while at the same time studying the surface and atmosphere of Mars.

Recently, the mission launch was delayed from July 1998 to Oct 1998 because the mission was behind schedule. New targets will have to be selected, and it is unlikely that it will be able to go by a comet.

Mission Timeline

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Last modified: Apr 22, 1998