NASA Missions

These are other NASA missions (ongoing and future) for which the IRTF has a less obvious role.

MissionMission TypeLaunchTargets
VoyagerLarge NASAAug 1977Heliopause
UlyssesExtendedOct 1990Heliosphere
ClementineSDIO/NASAJan 1994Lunar Surface
Mars Global SurveyorMission seriesNov 1996Mars Surface, interior
Mars PathfinderDiscoveryDec 1996Mars
Lunar ProspectorDiscoveryJan 1998Lunar surface
Keck Interferometer ObservatoryJul 1998Extra-Solar Planets
Leonid MACShort TermNov 1998Meteor Stream
Deep Space 2New MillenniumJan 1999Mars surface
Deep Space 3New Millenniumlate 2001Bright astrophysical objects
Solar ProbeOuter Planets PgmNov 2003Sun
Space Interferometry MissionFuture Observatory----Origins
Terrestrial Planet FinderFuture Observatory----Origins
Genesis DiscoveryPhase BSolar Wind

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Last modified: Mar 29, 1998