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I am initiating a collaboration with Professor Clive Ruggles of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester University in England to begin an interdisciplinary project investigating the nature, development, and use of astronomical knowledge in ancient Polynesia and Hawaii. The specific planned activities include:

Small Exploratory Projects

  • Investigation of Alignments on Kauai (ongoing)
  • Reconnaisance of heiaus on Maui and Molokai (proposed Seed money project)

  • Survey of Cape Kumukahi with 14 Mililani High school students 3/26-27/01
  • Integration of archaeoastronomy into the TOPS Program
  • Utilization of local students as field assistants in major projects
Large Projects

  • We plan to request funds from the National Geographic Society for an expedtion to Nihoa and Necker Island to see if the temple platforms located there have been deliberately aligned with the December solstice sunrise / June solstice sunset.
Necker Island Necker Island shrine Necker Island platform

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