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Karen Jean Meech - Astronomy 281 Syllabus - S01

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1/09  Solar System Physics
1/11A Solar System Physics
1/16228-243,B Solar System Formation
1/18 Hmk 1Primitive Bodies
1/2315-34 Terrestrial Processes - Exogenic
1/25CHmk 2The Real Deep Impact - Cratering Hazards
1/3035-53,D Terrestrial Processes - Endogenic (Tectonics , Volcanos)
2/0154-71Hmk 3Terrestrial Prcoesses - Atmospheres
2/0672-109 Life Requirements, Early Earth
2/08   Quiz
2/13142-159,E Life on Mars?
2/15   Future Mars Missions and Biohazards
2/20 Hmk 4Gaia Debate
2/22110-141 Life in Extreme Environments, Antarctica, Mars, Europa
2/27208-227,FHmk 5Life in Extreme Environments, Antarctica, Mars, Europa
3/01160-191 Cassini Mission, Current & Future Discovery Missions
3/06228-259,G Extra Solar Planetary Systems
3/08260-285Hmk 6SETI - Techniques
3/13286-292,H SETI - Programs
3/15IHmk 7Atmospheric Optics
3/20I Atmospheric Optics
3/22  Quiz
3/27  Spring Break
3/29  Spring Break
4/03293-309,J UFOs
4/05K US Space Program, history, Space Station & Modern Era
4/10 Hmk 8Space Transportation and Orbital Mechanics
4/12  Space Environment and Hazards
4/17 Hmk 9Space Environment / Space Resources
4/19  Space Resources
4/24 Hmk 10Biosphere / Colonies
4/26L Space Colonies
5/01  Lunar Bases / Life of an Astronomer / Review
5/08  Final Exam - 12:00-2:00

The textbook for the class is The Search for Life on Other Planets by B. Jakosky.

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